Nov 2017
Congratulations on the 10th Anniversary Celebration of Aiden Vietnam (ADV)&First time for the holding of Group Sales Meeting in Vietnam



The 10th Anniversary Celebrationof ADV and the 4th Group Sales Meeting for 2017 has been held atADV. Vice Chairman Saitou, Managing Director Guo Wenying, ViceGM & Director Zhou Zhan,Directors Heidi, Emily&Hazelfrom Shin Tech Group, together with leaders and department heads from China & Japan have participated the event & activities.

Factory Tour

In 1st Nov morning, ADV has presented the current operation status to Saito,Guo & party. The presentation was followed by a factory tour under the companion of ADV President Ueki.

Saito andGuohave expressed their gratitude to ADV for its efforts in past days. With the expectation of ADV creating its greatest value to the Group, Guo has requested ADV for further improvement on management and production efficiency.

Guo together with some members also visited dispatched staff from China. She encouraged them to contribute to ADV throughincorporating into Aiden Vietnam, giving greatest effort to helpADV for solving every kind of problems and training people.

 Group Sales Meeting

It was the first time that the Group Sales Meeting has been held in ADV. Representatives fromChina Sales Department and subsidiary companies of the group reported respective Salesstatusand exchanged ideas. There was also anin-depth discussiononthe arrangement and countermeasures forproduction and holidayof workers during Chinese Lunar New Year holiday in advance.

Saito and Guo havegiven conclusion speech respectively. They expressed their affirmation and congratulation on achievements of ADV.  Guo requested ADV for rectification of existing problems, fully makinguse of resources from the groupby well exchanging information & ideas on work, hopefully could bring great change to ADV.

   For the first Group Sales Meeting in Vietnam, Saito appreciated good changes on presentations which included not only data but through those data, could reflect problems and even find out solutions. He hoped that it could be continued and bringing more desirable results on Sales.

ADV 10th Anniversary Celebrations activities

The 10th anniversary ceremony consisted of shows on Vietnam traditional dances which were being edited, selected music and danced by ADV staff & workers; commendation towards outstanding employees and lucky drawswhich pushed the evening to an exciting climax.Leaders from China, HK, and Japan together with 150 members from ADV had a good time on that evening.

Guo, being represented the Shin Tech Group, has given a speech. She specifically mentioned "love" and "happiness."  Guo hopedADV members could work hard, love their job, resulting increating of happy life. Guo sincerely wish ADV could have a great future.

 Finally, ADV Ueki, Kato and Watanabe has dressed up with Vietnamese national costumes,led the celebration from excitement atmosphere to a good endingundermusical beat.




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